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Q. Fraudulent websites, emails, and social media accounts: Awareness and Advice

We can confirm the existence of emails, social media accounts, and websites pretending to be associated with UNIQLO. Please be careful of emails, social media accounts, and websites that pretend to be associated with UNIQLO. This page provides information on what to be aware of and how to protect yourself.  

UNIQLO Europe official website, emails, and social media accounts: 


Email addresses

Facebook  UNIQLO Europe 
Instagram  UNIQLO Europe (@uniqloeurope) 
TikTok uniqloeurope 


If you receive a suspicious email, SMS, or social media message, please do not:
  • Click on any links in the email, SMS, or social media message 
  • Open any attachments 
  • Answer any questionnaires 
  • Reply to or forward any messages 
  • Call any phone numbers listed in the email, SMS, or social media message

Please delete suspicious emails and messages, mark them as spam and block the sender account. 

If you place an order through a non-UNIQLO official website, you may not receive your order or receive a counterfeit product. Please check the address displayed in your browser to see if you are accessing the UNIQLO official website.

How to identify fake websites, emails, and accounts

Identifying fake websites 

The UNIQLO official website is www.uniqlo.com.  

Please look out for:
  • Different domains in formats such as (www.uniqlo●●●●●.com) and (www.●●●uniqlo.com).
  • The bank account name does not match that of the operating company.
  • The contact email address is a free email address.
  • The prices of all products are extremely low.

Identifying fake emails 

If you receive a suspicious email, please check the sender email address to see if it is a legitimate UNIQLO email. Genuine UNIQLO emails are sent from:
  • emails@euenews.uniqlo.com 
  • noreply_UK@uniqlo.com
  • noreply_EU@uniqlo.com
Any other email addresses are not real UNIQLO emails.

Identifying fake social media accounts 

Official UNIQLO social media accounts will have the blue verification tick, as shown below: 

User-added image
User-added image
User-added image

Any other accounts are not official UNIQLO Europe social media accounts. 
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