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Q. I have entered my voucher code but it didn't work

If you find that your voucher code has not been received or is not working, we recommend checking the below:

In order to receive your welcome code you have to be subscribed to our newsletter.

If you have already subscribed with us and have cancelled your subscription, but decide to subscribe again, another code welcome code will not be sent.

If you have already received your welcome code, but it does not work, please check the following points:

1. The value of your order must be above £60 excluding shipping costs.

2. The code is valid for 30 days from the date it's sent.

3. Codes are case sensitive so must be entered as seen.

4. Carefully make sure that you are typing your code correctly. Make sure to not mix up " I " and " 1 ", and " O " and " 0 ".

If the above terms and conditions have been met, and your code is still not working, we recommend try using a different browser, preferably Google Chrome or alternatively try applying the code in incognito mode.

Also, please note, if you have not yet received your welcome code, we suggest waiting up to 24 hours after you've subscribed and to check your junk/spam folder in case just in case.
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