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Q. Official UNIQLO Europe mailing and social media accounts

Please be vigilant of fake accounts, emails and competitions that are pretending to be UNIQLO.

We would not send you emails using Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo domains such as uniqloglobalfashion@gmail.com.  

Please ensure that you always refer to our official website www.uniqlo.com and the official UNIQLO Europe social media accounts:

Instagram: @uniqloeurope, Facebook: @uniqloeurope, Pinterest: @uniqloeurope, TIKTOK: @uniqloeurope

Any other social media accounts are not official. If you receive messages from any other accounts which are pretending to be UNIQLO Europe, do not click on links in the message, open attachments, or reply to the message. Please delete the entire message and block the fake account to prevent further damage.

UNIQLO's official Gift Card partner is Buyatab

Please note that if you are purchasing a gift card or have done so already, you will receive an email from our partner service provider Buyatab regarding your purchase using their own domain.

Should you wish to confirm any email/message you have received, or report any unofficial accounts, you may use any of the official UNIQLO customer communication channels on faq-uk.uniqlo.com.
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